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Old Star Wars Essay

This is something I wrote a while ago to kind of finalize my views on the Star Wars films, which at one point I was enamored with, eventually despised, then adored, then finally I was finally apathetic towards.

Star Wars This is going to be a long thread lol. If you want to read my opinion on the Star Wars films I’d appreciate it lol. I still would consider the original Star Wars films some of the best movies out there, they were formative for me, and I appreciate the prequels more as I get older while acknowledging their flaws. The fans of Star Wars are often ridiculous. They turn everything into fights. “The sequels are the best thing ever and if you don’t like them you’re an idiot!” “The sequels are utter garbage and if you like them you’re an idiot!” Both are dumb takes. It’s goofy to attack others for liking or disliking something for different reasons than you. I’m a bit of a hypocrite on this since I’ve definitely done that before, but still. Personally I wanted Star Wars to be a coherent, operatic narrative with a definitive end. This leads me to not like the sequels, and much of what Disney has made, but it’s also something that causes some issues with the older material. In my ideal world, I would like for there to be some sort of retelling of Star Wars. Some thing that tells the main story of episodes one through six, with aspects of clone wars. I’ve always considered the story of Star Wars to be the story of Luke and Anakin Skywalker, of the prophecy, the fall of the Jedi order, the rise of the empire and its destruction by one of its key components . Anything after that is not Star Wars, it is simply some thing that is happening in the Star Wars world. Mind you when I say retelling, I don’t mean a remake. I think that’s a recipe for disaster. Either a comic book or a novel would be enough. As is, we have several different films of varying quality with what I would consider snippets of this ideal story. I do quite enjoy the original films, aspects of the principles as well. But it is not a whole story, it is somewhat incoherent post because of various storytellers, And incongruous directions. People make fun of what seems to be Lucas‘s influence on the prequel‘s, and rightfully so. People also make fun of the lack of forethought and planning put into the sequels, also rightfully so. The Star Wars films are a mixed bag, some are hot messes, others are cinematic achievements, it’s not wrong to have preferences. But I think we should be better than to mock people for them.

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