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So, I figured I may as well write this out. I've mostly been using this website as a portfolio, but I think I'm going to treat it as more of a blog from here on out, I'll post things I'm working on, as well as general entries talking about what's going on in the waking world.

To be more specific, I'll try and write here every week or so. Movie reviews, essays, animation stuff etc. Although I am doing this in addition to a rather demanding full-time job, so I ask your patience.

I've been in a bit of a rut recently so this should help out.

I'm not really an animator. I never took classes in animation or anything like that. My degree is more general media. So, the animation work you see throughout the blog (and will continue to see) is basically me trying stuff out.

I do write occasionally and have been redrafting my passion project script a bit at a time.

For the movie reviews, I'm taking the advice of some professors. The best way to learn about writing movies or movies in general is to simply watch them. And here I can record my thoughts.

I'm going to keep working on all this, thank you for your patience.

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